water Baptism

The Bible tells us that we are to ‘believe’ and then be ‘baptized.’ (Mark 16:26, Acts 2:38.)  Water baptism is not necessary for salvation but it is an immediate outward sign of what has happened to the ‘converted’ heart of a believer in Jesus Christ. 

Baby Dedications & child blessings

Parents are encouraged to bring their infants and small children before the church family so they can be ‘received’ into the fellowship. When they do, the parents and the church commit to work together to create an environment where the child will be raised to know and love God. Together we will pray and believe God for His divine protection and guidance for them as well as His grace for the parents to raise them in the Lord so that when the day comes that the Holy Spirit draws them, that child, regardless of age, will ask Jesus to be their Lord.  

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