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Just for Her is a ministry by women, to women.  Just for Her events, courses and small group opportunities occur throughout the year.  Many events are open to women, young and old, that attend Family Life Church.  Others are open to the community, at-large, and provide venues where praise, prayer and evangelism can take place.  To learn more about Just For Her and specifically what events may be available at this time, click on the EVENTS tab. 


One2One or From Naomi to Ruth is a five week program designed to jumpstart an ongoing, intentional mentoring relationship between Christian sisters. The program will utilize activities for pairs as well as the entire group to build relationship. When the initial five weeks is completed, each pair will be given proven, practical suggestions for continuing to build their relationships. The “Ruths” in each 5 week session of One2One will become the “Naomi’s” of the next.  

Each One2One group gathering will last approximately 2 hours. If you are interested, complete an application online today. This five week session will begin June 26th. The deadline for the application below is Sunday, June 17, 2018.