Our mission is to lead people into a real relationship with Jesus Christ as we glorify God, grow together, and give to others.


Our Team

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Joe & Dawn Coudriet

Founding Pastors

Joe and Dawn Coudriet serve together as founding pastors of FLC. Joe is from Endicott, NY and Dawn is originally from Buffalo, NY. As a young couple the Coudriets lived in the Endicott area before moving to St. Louis, Missouri, where Joe began a successful career in Real Estate development before relocating to Syracuse, New York in early 1991.

In Syracuse they began to attend Abundant Life Christian Center, where they connected and served faithfully. In early 1994, a call to ministry was recognized by the church leadership and Joe left his secular career and together Joe and Dawn began to serve in committed ministry.  

For 20 years they served faithfully, with Joe serving in a number of capacities as a teacher, facility developer and outreach director. Dawn developed an effective women’s ministry, created several small group programs and eventually served on the pastoral team, conducting counseling, making hospital visits and providing pre-marital preparation courses.  

As founding pastors of FLC the Coudriets help to insure, by God’s grace, that the mandate to ‘lead people into a real relationship with Jesus Christ’ is faithfully followed and provide teaching, instruction and shepherding to the flock that calls FLC home.

If one thing could be said of the Coudriets, it is that they are ONE. They truly are a ministry team with gifts that complement each other. Together they have 5 children and multiple grandchildren.  


Ronald and Jasmyne King

Worship & Creative Arts

Since his early years as a teen, Ronald King Jr. has had a love for music and a love for God that destined him to lead His people in worship. A gifted minister, musician, song-writer and husband, Ronald has a passion for leading people into an intimate worship experience with God where freedom, restoration, deliverance and healing are available to all that follow.

As Director of Worship and Creative Arts at FLC, Ronald is responsible for the development of the church’s musical talent and vocal gifts as they bring the church family into the presence of God each week. He is also responsible for the administration of the technical team in the sound/computer control area, song selection, and the orchestration of special events and services.

Through the years Ronald has not only led worship in the local church but the call on his life has enabled him to share the stage with many, such as Tye Tribbett, Israel Houghton, Kierra “kiki” Sheard and Bishop T.D. Jakes. You can find Ronald at anytime utilizing his gifts to teach the Word of God, play the drums or piano, write and produce music or leading worship.

Ronald has an equally gifted and supportive wife in Jasmyne King. Since her childhood, Jasmyne ministered on the worship team of her grandfather’s church, where she grew to love God, family and music in a combination that formed a strong foundation of faith. Through the years her experience has increased, serving in nearly every available capacity in local churches in New Jersey and North Carolina. In addition to her ministerial gifting, Jasmyne has served the body of Christ in many capacities. She also possesses a Bachelor’s degree and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Ronald and Jasmyne are both from the Greater Philadelphia area of New Jersey.


Jeff Masella

Family Life Institute

Jeff and Doreen are natural learners…maybe even supernatural if you consider all that they have experienced in their lives. As Director of the Family Life Institute, Jeff defines what it is to be a student of the Bible. Together they are responsible for the development and implementation of courses designed to help Christ followers grow through the transformational power of God’s Word. 

Jeff, a native of Syracuse, NY and Doreen, a native of Vestal, NY have shared their lives together in Christ for over 30 years. Both accepted Christ as their Lord as children, were raised in Christian homes and were active in their respective youth groups. Jeff received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Doreen received her Master's Degree in Nursing. Jeff is a full time accountant for a Syracuse firm and Doreen an Associate Professor in the Crouse Hospital College of Nursing. 

Both Jeff and Doreen have a strong love for bringing people into the knowledge of who they are and can be in Jesus Christ. They have served the Lord in both professional and volunteer positions since 1991, first at Abundant Life Christian Center and since 2014 at FLC where they serve as elders in addition to their teaching ministry in the Family Life Institute. Jeff is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from NYACK College. Together, Jeff and Doreen have three amazing daughters.


Joel & Athena Smales

Family Ministries

Joel and Athena serve as the Directors of Family Ministries at FLC. And they should because after falling in love with Jesus in their college years, they’ve been married for nearly 30 years and have 4 kids! Joel has been a public school teacher for 23 years and Athena a homeschool teacher for her children as well as a founding director of one of the area’s largest Home School Cooperative groups.

As Directors of Family Ministries, Joel and Athena coordinate the activities of our children’s ministry programs including BabyLife, LittleLife and KidzLife as well as plan and execute fun family activities throughout the year. FLC is about God’s family and for Joel and Athena that involves developing curriculum and programs that support families as they raise their children by God’s grace in today’s world. Joel and Athena also serve as church elders.

Joel graduated from the Crane School of Music at Potsdam College in 1989 and obtained his Master’s Degree at Binghamton University in 1991. Athena graduated from Potsdam College in 1988. During their undergraduate years they gave their lives to Christ after ‘finding’ each other through the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship on campus. They are witty, funny and if you’ve never been to their home, watch out!  They are accomplished game board phenoms (but if you visit they’ll probably let you win!) Joel also is a regular in the Binghamton area music scene performing with several music groups including The Binghamton Philharmonic, the Tri-Cities Opera and the Island Hoppers Steel Drum Band. 


Colby Sutter


Colby Sutter serves the church body as our Connections pastor and is tasked with the ongoing development and expansion of our HomeGroups and GroupLife programs. This includes the identification of new leaders, providing training and support, and gathering curriculum to bring spiritual and soul growth to the church body.

Colby is an Amazon best-selling author of the book Freedom Clause: 14 Amendments to Freedom, a TEDx and Keynote speaker as well as the founder and director of 7Miles Inc, a nonprofit organization that inspires life changing freedom by developing pathways of hope. He has also created and implemented drug prevention programs in schools, including individual case management, mentoring, and development and teaching of classes on finding individual freedom and purpose. In addition, he has conducted multiple staff trainings and seminars for community organizations. 

Colby and his wife Johanna were married in 2015. Johanna is a school based mental health therapist in Syracuse and is passionate about seeing those with deep wounds nurtured back to wholeness through a greater understanding of Jesus’ unending love for us. She also thoroughly enjoys nature, hiking, and cheeseburgers. Together they make a formidable team. The devil had better watch out!


Mike & Rorie Williams

Element Youth

Mike and Rorie Williams serve as the pastor and coordinator of Element, the youth ministry of FLC. In 2015 they both graduated from Rhema Bible Training College in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mike received his diploma with an emphasis in Pastoral and Itinerant Ministry while Rorie received her diploma in Missions and Pastoral Ministry.

Together they are a powerful couple with Mike's strong anointing to speak on faith, right living, and mentoring and Rorie's gift for organizational management with a heart of love. Together, they are able to communicate to all ages with an ability to speak to today’s culture in a way that is both inspiring and life-changing.

Pastor “Mike” also serves the community as an Officer in the Binghamton New York Police Department. In addition to her role as Coordinator for ELEMENT, Rorie also serves as the Special Events and Social Media Coordinator for the church. Together they are committed to bringing our youth into a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ as they learn what elements they are truly made of.



Family Life Church began with a mission to “lead people into a real relationship with Jesus Christ as we glorify God, grow together and give to others.” From the first service in April 2011, that mission is being fulfilled every day through the lives of people impacted by the power of God.

The first church services were attended by only 15-20 people in a small hotel meeting room. Just a few months later the flood of September 2011 severely damaged the hotel so we moved our services to a local community center. The church grew for nearly three years, saving resources and searching for a more permanent church facility. In that time the church grew to just over 100 men, women and children yet amassed savings of over $100,000!

In August 2014 the church family purchased the four-building campus in Vestal where we currently operate. A former Roman Catholic parish, its buildings have been transformed into tools for modern ministry while retaining the charm of its architecture. While it is the current home of the church, it likely won’t be the last.

In April 2018, Family Life Church celebrated its 7th Anniversary as a ministry. God’s number of completion, “7,” also represents the completion of the foundation of His work through us. With nearly 300 members, coming from two states and an 80 mile radius, the church’s impact is felt throughout the region. Because of that, Southern Tier Family Life Church changed its name to Family Life Church to reflect those geographic realities.  

Pastors Joe and Dawn Coudriet received a word from heaven at the inception of the church.  They believed the Lord told them that “…this area is ‘fallow ground.’ It has been tilled, and even planted in, but not nurtured and tended to.” With a strong commitment to loving God by loving people where they are at, and providing training and instruction through God’s Word, Family Life Church is partnering with Him to see lives changed. That commitment will extend into the future, until the return of the King!